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Sea Of Lights

Suzannah Espie
Sea Of Lights

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Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today

Suzannah Espie
Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today

Denise Hylands, Stack Magazine
Suzannah Espie must be one of this country’s finest singers. Her voice is versatile – and respectful of the various styles she embraces – from gospel, blues and jazz, to country.

You may have heard her sing in three gal harmony outfit GIT, or as part of fun-time country bands The Junes and The Cartridge Family, fronting mass gospel choirs or singing the blues. She won the MBAS Blues Performer of Year in 2008 with Big Boy Lemonade.

This is Espie’s third solo project: she’s produced it with brilliantly talented buddies Chris Altmann (vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, drums), Liz Stringer (vocals, guitar, banjo), Grant Cummerford (upright bass) and Jeff Lang (guitarist extraordinary) in his home studio.

As the story goes, over three very hot days in the summer of early 2011, a very pregnant Espie sat around a few microphones with her cohorts and recorded this live. It’s a real and honest sound with Espie’s sweet, arresting vocals. An accomplished songwriter, she’s co-written here with Charles Jenkins and Van Walker: two of Australia’s finest.

First class musicianship supports Espie as she comforts, worries and assures you all will be okay through her heartfelt songs of love, longing and loss.


- Denise Hylands

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