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Sea Of Lights

Suzannah Espie
Sea Of Lights

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Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today

Suzannah Espie
Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today

Released Monday 10th September 2012

Recorded over three 40 degree days in February 2011, Liz Stringer, Chris Altmann and a heavily pregnant Suzannah Espie sat around a couple of microphones in Jeff Lang’s shed and played and sang together. The result is Sea of Lights, Suzannah’s latest full length solo offering, a collection of haunting melodic tales adorned with lush harmonies and exquisitely delicate arrangements. 

“I recorded this album over three days in the heat of the Melbourne summer when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child who is now just 1. In Jeff Lang’s shed we sat around a circle of microphones and played the songs live and the music was recorded onto a 4 track tape machine The only additions were made on the spare 4th track in the days following. I am immensely proud of Sea of Lights. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to the treatment of songs during the recording process, but it felt to me that this style of recording was a true celebration of the talents I had surrounding me.” says Suzannah .

Now, after Chris has taken up residence in Canada and Suzannah and her daughter have navigated through the first year of her life, the three will come together again for the Sea of Lights tour. Together, traveling Australia as one sparkling constellation, these three will recreate the beautiful intimacy of those studio recordings and play the songs of all three of these unique artists. 

“Espie’s strength lies in the wisdom of her voice; the kind that you can’t help but collect when you’ve spent as much time on the road as she has. I’d be surprised if there were many more who’ve breathed as much road dust as Suzannah”.

– Jason Walker 

“…this record also introduces Suzannah Espie as a songwriter of considerable clout. 'Heart Beating' is as good as a song gets.”

– Van Walker

"It was such an easy record to make, everyone came in with their shit so together - their harmonies, all the different instruments they played going down at once into very few microphones. It's not an easy way to record, there's pressure because any mistakes can't be fixed, everyone has to be 'on' at once, yet every single take sounded virtually flawless, and the songs just floored me."

– Jeff Lang

Sea of Lights was recorded at The Enclave Studio Fawkner, produced by Suzannah Espie with Jeff Lang, Liz Stringer and Chris Altman and proudly distributed by Vitamin Records this September 2012.


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Denise Hylands, Stack Magazine
Suzannah Espie must be one of this country’s finest singers. Her voice is versatile – and respectful of the various styles she embraces – from gospel, blues and jazz, to country...more