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Sara Tindley

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Wild & Unknown

Sara Tindley
Wild & Unknown

Time - Digital Single

Sara Tindley
Time - Digital Single

Lucky The Sun

Sara Tindley
Lucky The Sun

5 Days

Sara Tindley
5 Days

Released Monday September 5th 2011

‘Time’ is the aptly named and long awaited 3rd album from one of Australia’s best country-roots songwriters Sara Tindley. In 2007 her critically acclaimed album ‘Lucky the Sun’ (produced by Bill Chambers) introduced us to her honest, funny, tender songs and warm, emotive voice.  Garnering comparisons to Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams and Kasey Chambers, the album left fans from across the musical spectrum hankering for more. But things like motherhood, deaths and finding a quiet space to write have a way of taking up time.

“In amongst everything else I was thinking ‘who gives a rats arse what an aging housewife thinks about anything?!’ laughs Sara in her typically dry,  straight talking way. But a family trip to New Orleans “just cracked me open – I bought an old Gibson guitar and I started writing again.” 

Not long after she saw South Australian alt-country darlings The Yearlings (Robyn Chalklen, Chris Parkinson, BJ Barker) perform a magical gig at the Mullumbimby Music Festival “ I loved the way they drew you in just by being themselves – no posturing but so much consideration.” says Sara “Whenever Chris plays, he has something to say you want to listen to. “
 “I’d never played with The Yearlings but I knew they had a recording studio that was small and had limitations and I was attracted to that.  I really wanted to own the faults and the imperfections with this album, I wanted to try and capture the joy of beautiful musicians playing together in a room. So I sent off a very basic demo to them, kind of like an invitation to a blind date. They accepted and I packed my bags for Maslin Beach.”
Produced by Chris Parkinson, ‘Time’ was recorded live in The Yearlings’ ‘My Sweet Mule’ studio over a handful of days using 8 track 1” analogue tape, all the songs going down in the first or second take. “No fuss, no labouring. We ate beautiful food, drank far too many truly good local wines, and talked and laughed into the small hours.”

The result is a beautiful, unpretentious album that delicately holds Sara Tindley’s brilliant songwriting and plaintive voice in its embrace. Opening track ‘Golden’ is the kind of song Stevie Nicks or Carole King would be glad to call their own. Title track ‘Time’ (a co-write with Karma County drummer Stu Eadie) shimmers with just the right balance of wistful longing and joy while ‘Country Girl’ is a superb country gem about walking away from farms turning to dust. Later ‘Little Birds’ (written for a close friend’s dying mother) and ‘Slow Dance’ are two simple yet incredibly tender songs of love.

The album illustrates Sara Tindley’s easy gift for combining the emotional honesty and story telling of country music with the unadorned melodies and musicality of the Australian roots and folk scene. She dances with both and is married to neither.  These are modern songs with a country lilt. Like the woman herself, the songs speak directly - they’re vulnerable and strong, full of sharp observations and gentle acceptance. After listening to Sara Tindley’s new album ‘Time’ you definitely give a ‘rats arse’ about what she has to say – she has a way of speaking to us all.


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