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Temporary People

Tina Harrod
Temporary People

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The Revolution Is Eternal

Tina Harrod
The Revolution Is Eternal


Tina Harrod

Following closely after her award-winning album of jazz influenced covers Worksongs, Tina Harrod has created a blisteringly emotional, sophisticated and incredibly beautiful album – Temporary People – this time completely of original material that truly cements Tina’s standing as one of Australia’s great singers. Temporary People is an unflinchingly personal album. The songs are greatly informed by the impact her late partner, the celebrated musician Jackie Orszaczky, had on her life, heart and music – but these are universal themes that resonate across the boundaries of individual experience.
That sound, Tina’s raw emotional power and the brilliant playing on Temporary People are all held in perfect balance by LA-based Grammy award winning engineer and mixer Helik Hadar, famous for working with Herbie Hancock, Madeleine Peyroux, Joni Mitchell and Rufus Wainwright. The songs were first recorded in Sydney at Megaphon Studios with Tina and Jonathan then traveling to LA for the final mix with Helik.
The result is a work of astonishing maturity and blazing passion; built on a jazz sensibility and carried on a voice that only comes from a lifetime lived and a singular dedication to your art. With Temporary People Tina Harrod has reached the point where distinctions fall away and you’re left simply celebrating the unique talent and power of one of our finest artists.

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Chris Peken, City News Oct 2009

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Sydney soul singer Tina Harrod lost her partner, jazz bassist Jackie Orszaczky, to cancer last year and the rawness of her grief and her feverish need for answers sets up a spine-tingling tensio...more

Phil Stafford Courier Mail, 5 stars
If a records as good as this were released on a major label in the US, there'd be talk of a new Billie or Bessie, a neo Nina or another Ella. And while all four of those legendary American singers hav...more

John McBeath, The Australian 2009
Following her award winning Worksongs, Sydney vocalist Tina Harrod has produced an intensely personal album of her own lyrics set to melodies by bassist Jonathan Zwartz, and three by her late partner,...more

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IT’S quite a task to listen to Tina Harrod’s album Temporary People without stifling a tear.The New Zealand-born jazz and soul singer has dedicated her third album to the memory of he...more